Meet the crew that makes it happen:



Owner & Founder of Craft Shop Metals
Team Member Rome


Production Spinner

As part of our production team, Rome is responsible for taking raw aluminum and spinning it into beautiful artistic metal. Rome is experienced in both hand spinning and computerized spinning. Once spun, the aluminum parts are moved through the plant to either secondary operations or to polishing where parts are made ready for the anodize process that turn them into decorative pieces of metal for artistic creations for our customers.

Team Member Derrick


Production Polisher / Racker

Polishing the parts after they are spun insures that any metal debris is removed.  It also cleans and de-greases the part.  As part of the manufacturing process, polishing is an area that often serves as a primary quality control for problems that may arise during the anodizing process.  Minor imperfections in the metal often show up in polishing and can be addressed. Racking of the parts for the anodizing lines is very important to insure that no racking marks are inadvertently left on the parts dulling or detracting from their final finished beauty.

Team Member Esau


Production Anodizing Line Specialist


Anodizing is an electrochemical process which converts the top surface of Aluminum into a hard, chemically resistant, inert, micro-porous mineral coating. Esau works both the automatic and hand anodizing lines and is familiar with both clear and tinted anodic processes for aluminum finishing.