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Aluminum Panels
Crafted for the Master Artist in You

Create the most captivating and stunning art work
with our exclusive Alu-Rim® panels.


We believe artists should always express their creativity on the finest substrates for longevity of their art work.

That's why we've created the perfect panel, the Alu-Rim®.



Our patented design offers all the benefits of high quality anodized aluminum

plus a beautifully crafted rim to prevent drips and provide a frame.

Smooth Surface | Unbreakable | Reversible | Recyclable | Lightweight | No Warping | Non-Toxic Finish | Weather Resistant


Using the rim side

Pink & Gold Coasters


Drip Problem Solved

Artists who used our aluminum told us about the resin drips and we designed the Alu-Rim®.  Not only does the rim prevent drips, but it provides a beautiful frame.  Of course, you can use the other side for a 3D effect as well.

For Your Paint & Ink

Alu-Rim® has an anodized finish, which is an excellent substrate for acrylics, alcohol inks, oils and gouache paints.

Made in USA

Fabricated by a metal forming and finishing company that has been in business over 60 years.  We promise the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Happy Feedback from Our Customers

I am super in love with this panel... coolest thing since slice bread."


I just got the rose gold one! It is GORGEOUS


I just finished trying out the metal canvas and I LOVE IT. Seriously, I was able to play in a way I can't with typical canvas.


“I love this base so much”


It is a quality product! The rim definitely was great to have so the resin did not spread over and off.


“I LOVE the surface and can’t wait to get more.”


“I am CRAZY about the way they light up the inks!”


"These aluminum canvases are so cool! Light weight and the rim is a game changer,
no taping, no spill over. They come in silver, gold and rose gold. I WILL be ordering more,
so many ideas floating around in this head of mine"

“I really love your product and can’t wait to share it with my followers!!”


“  I really like the product and expecially like the fact that I don’t have to clean up after dripping everywhere!!!”


 “These Alu-Rims are perfect for pouring and resin work because of the lip!  It makes it so easy!”

“100% agree that Alu-Rims are perfect for resin..”


@craftshopmetals has an awesome product! 10 out of 10 would recommendJ   kellyybellyy62

3 Easy Steps To Your Own Alu-Rim®

1. Choose Color & Size

Our Alu-Rims® - come in jaw-dropping colors and a variety of sizes to fit everyone's need. Order in bundles or in bulk to save money.

2. Place the Order

After selecting your favorite colors, size and amount, place your order in the cart and complete the check out. It's simple.

3. We'll Deliver It to You

Have it delivered from New Jersey right to your door step. Free shipping on any $75 order in the U.S.!

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